Saturday, March 13, 2010

A surprise! (not if you were there)

I could say anything about this, but it would ruin the surprise, so here goes:

- Crisp up half a pound of bacon so it's not chewy at all. Take this, and crumble it up (or chop it), and reserve in a bowl.

- Now, simmer some water (about two inches) in a medium size sauce pan. Top this with a good, sturdy bowl that will handle and transfer the heat.

- Add chocolate chips into this, about half a pound. Melt these down.

- Add the bacon.
half shrouded in mystery, half shitty photo work.

- Spoon these in equal amounts to little paper muffin cups. When finished, remove the bowl (carefully! it is hot as hell) and eat the chocolate from it.
-Put on a baking tray into the freezer to set. Remove, and...
delicious, salty, creamy, smooth, beige (more brown, really)

Perfect for snacks, gifts, treats, and movies-about-crazy-people marathons

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