Monday, March 22, 2010

"just because" steak and 'taters

Goooood evening friends, I am one full mofo right now.
Why? Deliciousness happened.

Want to replicate it? Well then, you'll need some goodies.
  • one big, beautiful steak (ribeye is the best)
  • half an onion, cut into small chunks
  • two glasses of wine (red, I used white though, and it was fine)
  • one good size white or yellow potato chopped into medium chunks
  • italian seasoning (look elsewhere, fool)
  • good kosher salt and fresh black pepper
  • olive oil
First thing! Heat a good pan to medium with olive oil, and toss in your potatoes. Add a good pinch of salt and cracking of pepper, and your italian seasoning (about a pinch). Cover this, and cook about ten minutes a side. Add some bacon fat/duck fat/other rendered animal for added goodness. Health? Fuck that, it's the french way.

While this is happening, heat up a good, heavy-ass cast iron skillet to screaming hot.
Prepare your steak as follows:
Get a good one - don't be cheap.
Salt and pepper the fucker liberally, and rub in some olive oil. Wash those meaty hands, and let it sit.

By now, you've got about ten minutes down on the potatoes, so flip em. Pan should be inanely hot as well. Drop the steak in, and cook about 2 minutes a side, and get a good solid crust on it. NOT a char. A crust. This is called the maillard reaction, and sciencebsscience it's tasty.
See? awww yeah.

Remove your potatoes from the heat, and ogle their crunchy goodness
ogle them.. mm.

Now, here's the tricky part. Remove the steak to a plate, and tent it with tin foil. Don't be forceful, just a light cover.
no need to be brash. be gentle, grasshopper

Let it rest for about five minutes. In that time, add the onion, a bit of salt, and one glass of wine to the cast iron pan. This will sizzle, steam, and smell fantastic. Reduce it down.

Plate the sucker, and shed a tear for how good it's going to be.
so beautiful

and what do you do next?

drink the other glass of wine and eat that sucker!

(thanks to De Luca for the potato tips, and everyone else for... they know what.)

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