Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Depending where you are right now, it's probably somewhere between 'cold' and 'hellish ice cave of hell - on ice'. We're leaning towards the former in Guelph, thankfully, but it's still worthwhile to make some tasty soup to warm yourself up.

For this, you will need:

  • one sweet potato

  • one red onion

  • one red pepper

  • half a head of garlic

  • about an inch of ginger. two if your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/spouse/roommate is a really big into ginger. like this fella.

  • veggie stock, about eight cups

You can be really awesome and start the day ahead by roasting the vegetables and refrigerating them. This helps them thicken the soup later. Otherwise, do it, but don't worry too much about the day ahead thing.

You'll want the sweet potato peeled and in inch-ish cuts, the onion in thicker crescents, and the pepper however you want them (about the same size as the sweet potato). Yes, they'll blacken, but it's tasty. Toss these with olive oil, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and so on and put them in a roasting pan together at 400* for an hourish, turning on the half hour.

Next up (or next day, if you're great), star by chopping the garlic and peeled ginger roughly, and cooking on a lowish heat with salt to get them nice and fragrant. When this happens, put in the stock and your roasted vegetables. Let this simmer for a bit, and crank out the immersion blender and blend that sucker to oblivion. If you're not the king of yard sales and don't own one, you can use a blender/food processor, but make sure that it's cooled down. Otherwise steam will work its magic and make you very, very displeased.

I returned this to the simmer, left it for a while, and for a little 'extra' tossed in some gnocchi. You can use a ravioli (plain-er tasting, like a ricotta or something) or other pasta, and use the soup as you would to cook pasta, but just go easy on it (and use fresh pasta, otherwise it might scorch the soup). the pasta will also do the double duty of adding a bit of extra starch to thicken the soup, and will be mighty tasty.

Sit, enjoy, and remember that the days are getting longer again.

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