Monday, January 25, 2010

pizza hack attack

Yes, it's another post on pizza. This time though, I've got pictures (so it did happen for real!)

This one is of another nature though - I tried one of the crazy "pizza hacks" online, to replicate the impact of a zillion degree oven for five second pizza you get in a real pizzeria, and not your home oven.

Let's just say... mixed (tasty) results.

First, take a cast iron pan, and put it on a hot burner. Get your broiler going too, and hot as hell.

On a cutting board, lay out your dough to fit in your pan (thin. very thin.), put on the sauce (like the girlfriend and I's garlic insanity sauce), and cheese (I used a mix of mozzarella and a little bit of old cheddar).

You ready? Ok. Go.

Drop the pizza in the hot pan. Wait.. five seconds, and bump it under the broiler. Leave it there till the cheese gets all golden and tasty, and pull it out. Immediately remove it from the pan, drop some herbs, wait a bit, and cut and eat.

This is your reward. Eat it, and enjoy.

Oh, the "mixed results" were that it was kind of burnt on the bottom (you want it crispy, but not too blackened), and my apartment is full of smoke from using a crappy cast iron pan covered in food grease, before freaking out and replacing it with the good one. But.. ohnomnomnom.

edit: oh, the stuff on the first pizza is my hot sauce from the pho post. so good on pizza. and technique credits to the crazies here

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