Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weird cookery. OR how to eat the leftover random food in your fridge

So, I'm going on vacation to Atlanta in a few days (what what!), and as a result, I'm trying to eat all of the perishable food in my fridge, so I don't come back to gross stuff. I've been making some weird food lately, and I think this takes the cake.

But oh god. It was tasty. Probably a few zillion calories, but that's alright.

For this, you will need (ugh)

  • One half a red onion

  • Two strips of thick bacon, or three of normal

  • About a cup and a half of pasta (I used gnocchi, for extra deliciousness)

  • and the mystery ingredient - 1/3 cup of Philadelphia Herb and Garlic cream cheese (low fat, obviously. not that it makes much of a difference)

So, for starters, chop your bacon up into lardons (little strips, see picture), and fry until just before crisp. Keep it all in the pan, grease and all.

In the meantime, get your pasta cooking away, and slice an onion into crescents. I used red onions, and took out the little core thing - not a lot of good flavour there. If you cut them thinner, you get caramelization going on, but I got lazy.

Add these into the pan. Bacon and onions? Can't go wrong. Until you add in the cream cheese, then it just becomes extra epic, and so, so wrong, but so, so right. Mix this together till the cream cheese melts and integrated with everything.

Strain your pasta, reserving some cooking liquid (maybe a few tablespoons), and add it all in. The liquid makes the sauce a bit more loose, which is never a bad thing. Stir around till the sauce and pasta are one cohesive lovely little thing - and eat that sucker up.

I need to go the gym now, or something. Also, I'm going on a week-long hiatus. Expect an Atlanta travel/food co-blog with my friend Tressa after!


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